Benefits of Zendium professional toothpaste

  • Contains colostrum – the key element in the activation and maintenance of antimicrobial capacity of saliva during brushing
  • Contains specific enzymes saliva thus contributing to strengthening and activating the natural defense mechanisms of the mouth
  • Contains fluoride to strengthen and protect the teeth against decay
  • Contains Xylitol for preventing dental plaque
  • Does not contain strong detergents (SLS foaming agent) and thus does not adversely affect the lining of the mouth and do not alter the taste

For Children

Refreshments and fruit juices will not be a problem for tooth enamel anymore!
(Zendium Junior 5-12 years old)

The teeth of children are sensitive to prolonged exposure to beverages with a higher degree of acidity, for example, refreshments and fruit juices. There is thus the risk of erosion of enamel. The natural protection factor for this is saliva.
Therefore Zendium 5-12 years Glazuur Protect uses reinforcement mechanisms of the protective role of saliva.

  • Contains fluoride in the amount recommended by dentists (1000ppmF) needed changing needs of children
  • Has a pleasant taste without being sweet

The only toothpaste for daily use, which does not disturb the physiological flora