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The collaboration of Ricerfarma and Dreavia Pharma SRL within their modern and flexible organizational structures makes it possible to constantly receive updates, follow the latest research and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Gengigel products are divided into two main categories:

  • Professional line (used by the dentists in Dental clinics)
  • Consumer line (for patient’s use, reachable in pharmacies)

Their goal is to assuage the mouth cavity after dental work.

Gengigel is a medical device (different classes – so as to bring innovative, effective and totally safe instruments to the market) containing high molecular weight (HMW) Hyaluronic acid (in the form of sodium hyaluronate), obtained by a biotechnological manufacturing process, which guarantees a high level of purity. Its formulation is specifically created in order to resemble that of the hyaluronic acid found in normal gingival tissue.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring physiological constituent of connective tissue (especially in the gingival mucosa), where it performs antiedematous and tissue repair functions. The physic-chemical and macro aggregating properties of hyaluronic acid helps to explain its anti-inflammatory properties.

Hyaluronic acid promotes and accelerates tissue reconstruction. It activates the migration of fibrocytes (cells contributing to tissue healing) and as a consequence healing is accelerated.

Indications: inflammatory conditions (gingivitis, gingival bleeding, gingival retractions, gingival pockets), other tissue trauma (abrasion, tooth extractions, post-surgical recovery etc.). It is also ideal as post surgery treatment, or treatment to patients that are subject to diabetes, radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

Gengigel is extremely safe presenting no contraindications or side effects and can be used without restriction by children, pregnant women and the elderly. The product is also suitable for diabetics and it does not have any known interactions so it may be safely used during specific therapies; e.g. antibiotics


Consumer Line:

Adults line

The rationale that led to the composition of the tried-and-tested Gengigel® line takes account of average demand by consumers for a response to inflammatory problems affecting the oral mucosa, which constitute a chronic problem among a large percentage of the population.

Gengigel® is a patented medical device containing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid obtained by a biotechnological process, which guarantees a high level of purity. Its formulation is designed to resemble that of the hyaluronic acid found in normal gum tissue.

Indications: Inflammatory conditions (gingivitis, gingival bleeding, gingival retraction, gingival pockets), other tissue trauma (abrasion, tooth extractions, post-surgical recovery etc.) and those disease conditions where the gingival mucosa requires increased concentrations of Hyaluronic acid.

Features: join the gingival mucosa, creates a protective film, iso-salivary pH, does not affect the dentition, contains no sugar (except xylitol, a natural sweetener, noncariogenic), accelerates healing, reduces pain.



Gengigel Spray
(Hyaluronic acid 0.01%)

Gengigel Spray offers the maximum practicality and ease of use. Light and convenient, it can be carried around anywhere, and its multidirectional pump allows easy, precise application to the affected area. Particularly suitable in the case of mouth ulcers with a mechanical cause, where direct application of a product is often impossible due to pain.

• 20 ml bottle


Gengigel Gel
(Hyaluronic acid 0.2%)

This is the flagship product, which is most suitable at the initial stage of periodontal disease treatment, when the symptoms cause particular discomfort. Due to the chemico-physical characteristics of the formulation and its superior bioadhesion, the active ingredient performs its biological action as effectively as possible.

• 20ml tube.


Gengigel Hydrogel
(Hyaluronic acid 0.025%)

The ideal complement to the gel treatment. Gengigel® Hydrogel is perfect for maintenance treatment, to be used every day after brushing the teeth. The compound, which is ready for use (ie. it does not need to be diluted), is a very effective concentrate of active ingredients which convey HA quickly and practically to extensive areas affected by inflammation. Particularly suitable for chronic gingivitis where a daily use is recommended and in the case of diffused aphtas.

• 150 ml bottle.


Gengigel First Aid
(Hyaluronic acid 0.1%)

This is a Class II b Medical Device specifically designed to ensure simple, rapid, efficient use. Ideal for application to wounds and during the post-operative phase. It reduces pain and discomfort, especially after traumas, surgical or periodontal work, implants, tooth extractions and subgingival root planing.
Promotes and accelerates the anti-oedematous and anti-inflammatory processes.
The haemostatic and painkilling capacity of Gengigel® First-aid Fluid, which are attributable to its film-forming properties (shield effect) and mucoadhesive properties are thus preserved and accentuated without discomfort for post-surgical patients.

• 50 ml bottle.


Oral gel containing 0.8% hyaluronic acid, being the most concentrated product in the Gengigel range.

Helps heal mouth ulcers such as APHTAES and deeper lesions.

Initiates and accelerates anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory processes.

REDUCES PAIN from the first application.

Contains a non-animal derived, biotechnologically manufactured source of high quality,

high purity hyaluronic acid in the form of a high molecular weight sodium salt.

Has a long-lasting local action.

Adheres to the mucosa due to the special nature of the product formulation.

Can be used without restriction by all patients, including children, pregnant women, the elderly

and diabetics.

  • 8 ml tube with cannula.

Children line

Indications: teething, aphtas, gingivitis, stomatitis, inflammatory states, swelling, trauma, inflammation due to orthodontic braces

Childrens rage has the highest possible safety profile: it contains no preservatives, alcohol, colorants or sugar, and does not interact with any medicinal products which may be taken (eg. Antibiotics).


Gengigel Teething

Is an oral gel consisting of an innovative patented mucoadhesive polymer matrix that adheres to the teeth and gums for a long time, forming an invisible, flexible, strong film that performs an effective protective action.

Reduces pain and swelling during the gum inflammations typical of infancy, such as those caused by teething or traumas.

Gengigel Teething (0-6 years) is a perfect formula that offers secure and irreplaceable help to mothers experiencing frequent inflammatory problems in the oral cavities of their children. A particularly useful product during and in the immediate future dental appearance,  when first “milk” teeth literally cut the lining, causing pain and inevitably exposing children to the risk of infection (due to inter-dental spaces).

Is alcohol, colorant and sugar-free. Does not contain artificial flavorings, gluten, lactose, parabens, SLS or OMG

• 20 ml tub.


Gengigel Teen
(Hyaluronic acid 0.2%)

Gel-flavored chewing gum for children between 7 and 14 years. The common denominator of second teeth and the hormonal changes of adolescence is depletion of hyaluronic acid the normal constituent of healthy periodontal tissues, leading to a reduction in the level of protection given to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Particularly useful for the children wearing braces.

• 15 ml tube.