NovaBone, located in the United States, started the collaboration with Dreavia Pharma since 2003.

Perioglas and its advanced edition, NovaBone Dental Putty are two synthetic, excellent osteostimulative, fully bio-absorbable & bone-inductive materials that are indicated, not only for periodontical, but also for jaw & facial bone deficits. They are designed to offer unsurpassed handling, without compromising the quality of the results. These are not just materials filling bone deficits: they are comprised of inorganic materials that exist in the human body and allow for fast bone regeneration.

The versatile combination of NovaBone and Dreavia Pharma assures the ongoing monitoring of the technical and medical developments, resulting to the maximum customer and practitioner satisfaction.


Unique Formulation

NovaBone Dental putty is the only commercially available non-settable completely synthetic bone graft substitute. Quite simply, it is designed to deliver unprecedented ease-of-handling without compromising on the quality of the outcome. It is not just a ‘bone void filler’; rather, it is a calcium phosphosilicate composed of minerals found naturally in the body that allow for rapid bone regeneration. NovaBone contains a binder that helps maintain space between the particles to allow for vascularization, tissue growth and new bone formation.  It is indicated for all periodontal, implant related and craniofacial defects.



NovaBone Dental Putty belongs to the class of bioactive regenerative materials that not only acts as an osteo-conductive scaffold but also imparts an osteostimulatory effect.  Release of Si from the putty particles is the key in signaling & recruitment of bone precursor cells to the defect site and stimulate osteoblast differentiation and proliferation; the basis for new bone growth.   Gaisser DM, Katta SA, Greenspan DC NovaBone Mechanisms of Osteostimu-lation, White Paper, NovaBone, Alachua, FL.


Uncompromised Regeneration

The CPS particles in NovaBone Dental Putty has more than 20 years of international clinical use behind it with over 50 studies on file. Data shows that NovaBone Dental Putty is clinically superior to the granular particulate alternatives with regard to the ultimate end result—the successful regeneration of bone between the implant and the existing bone structure.


The unique solution to predictable bone regeneration

NovaBone Dental Putty increases productivity with its ease of use and superlative handling characteristics. It delivers predictable bone fast.


Feature Benefit
Superlative Handling No mixing is required. Putty can be placed directly into the defect.  Membrane usage is optional.
Completely Resorbable Putty resorbs completely and gets replaced by bone. Re-entry time is about 4-5 months and is dependent on the size and site of the defect
Retention & Adaptability Putty stays together after placement and irrigation. It is moldable into different shapes and adapts well to the defects and implant surfaces
Osteostimulation Putty exhibits enhanced bone regeneration rates compared to other bone graft substitutes by a unique phenomenon: Osteostimulation
Storage & Shelf Life Putty does not require special storage conditions. It can be stored at room temperature and enjoys a large shelf life


(Osteostimulative Bone Regeneration Matrix)

Perioglas is a synthetic, osteostimulative bone regeneration matrix that is indicated for periodontal and maxillofacial defects. It is not just a bone void filler but a material comprised of minerals found naturally in the body that allows for more rapid bone regeneration. As soon as Perioglas interacts with blood, a natural process begins, which leads to a new layer of calcium phosphate that is favorable for the recruitment and profileration of osteoblasts and new bone formation.


Unique synthetic solution:

  • Osteostimulative
    Cascade reaction between Perioglas and the surrounding tissues is proven to stimulate osteoblast differentiation and proliferation resulting in increased rate of bone formation.
  • Synthetic
    No reports of disease transmission or immune rejection in over 10 yers of use. Eases patient concerns regarding safety of cadaver and bovine bone.
  •  Resorbable
    Clinically proven to resorb and become part of the natural bone remodeling process.
  • Osteoconductive
    Facilitates bone formation by providing excellent scaffolding upon which new growth can take place.
  • Easy to use
    Adheres to instruments for easy placement; maintains its shape in the defect area.


Clinically Efective

More than 12 years of clinical research and use by dentists demonstrates that Perioglas is equally effective in building new bone compared to the market leaders.


Indicated for a variety of osseous defects

  • Extraction sites to preserve the alveolar ridge
  • Periodontal defects
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Sinus elevation
  • Cystectomies
  • Peri-implant defects etc.


Quick and easy placement

Although Perioglas can be mixed equally well with sterile water or a sterile saline solution, the process of osseous regeneration occurs more rapidly by using the patient’s osteogenic blood.